MUBYTREE Sleep Sack Wearable Blanket Baby Sleeping Bag of Cotton



100% Cotton We have 3 sizes for you to choose: 0-6 months / 6-18 months / 18-36 months. Please choose the size which suits your baby according to your baby’s actual situation Breathable & soft material: this baby sleeping bag has a sleeveless design to prevent underarm sweating. Made of 100% high quality cotton, worry free of shrinking or pilling Secure and smooth zipper: it has two protective zipper covers at both ends of the sleep sack. The cover at the upper end prevents the baby from being scratched by the zipper, and the buttoned cover at the lower end keeps the sleep sack from opening accidentally Free feet movement: our sleep sack is designed with a wide bottom so there is enough room for your baby’s feet to exercise without affecting their growth Besides the sleep sack, please wear other clothes inside for your baby according to the temperature


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