Nested Bean Zen Swaddle Premier ?C 70% Rayon from Bamboo 30% Pure Cotton



70% Rayon from Bamboo/30% Cotton Imported LIGHTLY WEIGHTED: On the chest and sides to give the feeling of being held. The weights are filled with non-toxic poly beads (same as those used in children??s toys) and were created using physio-therapy standards to give just the right amount of pressure. Moms report longer sleep in 1-3 nights. LASTS 0-6 MONTHS: The 2 sizes in 1 design means this swaddle lasts twice as long as regular swaddles, which only fit up until 3 months. Babies legs go in the small inner pocket for the first few weeks and then in the larger sack up to 6 months. EASY TO USE: The double strips and large fastening zone make the Zen Swaddle adjustable, ergonomic and easy to use. The ability to swaddle with arms in or out makes it perfect for transitioning when the time comes. THICKNESS: The Zen Swaddle Premier has a TOG rating of 0.3 which means it is breathable for hot summer days and nights. MATERIAL: Made from 70% Rayon from Bamboo and 30% pure Cotton for a luxuriously soft feel. Completely washer/dryer safe and BPA, toxin and phthalate free. Exceeds safety standards.?See more product details


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