Nonidoo Baby Milestone Blanket for Girls & Boys Milestone Blanket Super Soft Fluffy Fleece Large Toddler Blanket Baby Shower & Baby Registry Gift



A milestone blanket designed with love, by a mother – The right choice for your family! ? HIGH QUALITY ?C This milestone blanket is not only super-adorable, but it is also made of thick and light, soft, durable and nontoxic material, with a delicate and velvety texture, being truly perfect for your baby’s velvety and sensitive skin. The fabric is of high quality, it maintains its shape and colors after many washes and a long time, remaining in perfect condition. ? ELEGANT AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN – The design is stylish and the digital prints are perfect for every special event in the baby’s life. The colors, drawings, and freshness of this baby milestone blanket create a fairytale environment for the baby, being ideal for milestones, playing indoors and outdoors, naps, stroller blanket, daily use, and photos during pregnancy. With this baby month blanket, you will be able to create the most beautiful photos. Order right now. ? CREATIVE ACCESSORIES – The most complete milestone blanket ever created. Celebrate every event and photograph the most wonderful moments in your baby’s life. There is no need to limit your creativity because you do not have enough accessories, this milestone blanket includes everything: DA-YS, WEE-KS, MON-TH, MON-THS, YEA-RS, TEE-TH, 2 pages with numers to cut out and use for marking baby’s teeth, weight, height, 2 hearts shaped marker frames, a grey silk ribbon, 1 awesome gift box. ? CARDS FOR GREAT MEMORIES – We all love the wonderful and fun memories of the early years, they are so easy to mark with already made cards that only need to put on the baby milestone blanket. Kids grow so fast and the wonderful and unique moments of the early years pass quickly. Fill the album with the most wonderful moments and share it with your family, flipping over the years the wonderful album you’ve created, feeling great together. ? THE PERFECT GIFT – We all want the perfect gift, that’s why this baby monthly milestone blanket perfectly qualifies with the elegant design and premium quality of both the box and the products and accessories included. It symbolizes the love, purity, and softness felt for babies, perfectly expressing all the beautiful feelings you feel about him/her. We thought of all the details and created a perfectly finished product, carefully packed, ready to be gifted.?See more product details


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