Sedona House Weighted Blanket – Micromink Fabric Fleece Bedding Blanket 15lbs


THE FIRST FDA APPROVED WEIGHTED BLANKET- As the fisrt one who got FDA certifcate,The Sedona house weighted blanket lady is made of luxury microfiber called silky velvet, which is much more silk and comfortable than cotton, preferred by most people who are fond of luxurious and soft blankets. Usually it??s suitable for all seasons, but may be a little hot in summer. YOU MAY WANT TO SLEEP BETTER WITH HER – We may suffer a lot from working stress , anxiety, autism, ADHD or PTSD and so on negative motions which cause us sleepless. So let her help you, and you may find sleep better with her. Whether you are a man or a woman, an oldster or a child, you need to be embraced in love. YOU MAY BE SUPRISED BY HER CRAFTSMANSHIP – Advanced technology is used with another two microfiber layers added to divide the weights, the micro glass beads, stay in the individual pocket so that the beads neither be moving around all the time, nor leak out all in the bed. YOU DON??T NEED TO BUY ANOTHER COVER FOR HER – You don’t have to worry about dirtying her. You can easily wipe off the dirt with a wet towel. You don’t need to buy another cover to protect her and deal with it by machine. Certainly you??d better be careful with her when you drink something. PLEASE BE GENTLE TO HER – If you want to wash her, this weighted blanket is washable in machine. To double the lifespan of the blanket, wash in cold water and in a cold dark place. The settings of the machine should be kept to gentle so that wear and tear can be reduced. Try to do spot cleaning whenever necessary. Don??t let your blanket catch direct heat as it can damage the glass pellets inside the blanket. Or clean spot is also a choice.


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