Sweet Acorn Knitted Baby Blanket Organic Cotton Yarn 30?? x 435??



100% Cotton Give your baby a blanket they’ll cherish for a lifetime! Sweet Acorn’s organic cotton knitted blanket is genuinely beautiful, and will keep your baby warm and feeling secure all day and through the night. No nursery is complete without at least one! Textured stitching provides extra pockets for warmth to keep your baby cozy and happy. The alternating double moss stitch and chevron cables is eye-catching without being too ostentatious. The baby blanket is finished with rib and garter stitches to help it retain its shape. We only use Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic yarn, so you know you’re getting the safest, most natural blanket for your child. We’ve also made sure the dyes are equally gentle and safe for contact with their delicate little skin. Our baby blanket is machine knitted with baby weight (sport weight) yarn. This creates a nice solid blanket that isn’t too heavy, but doesn’t provide gaps between the yarn strands for little fingers to get caught. This blanket measures 30?? x 43.5??, which is perfect for tucking your precious little one in for a nap. Machine wash on a gentle cycle in cold water with your favorite baby-safe delicate detergent. Lay flat to dry. Machine drying will cause shrinkage.?See more product details


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