Ziz Home Blankets Clothes Storage Bag



24?? L x 18?? D x 12?? H – COMPLETELY breathable; Manufactured with fabric that allows the circulation of the air inside, ultimately keeping the objects stored fresh for longer. Multipurpose storage options; If you want to fix your style of cabinets, organizing clothes this versatile and blanket with you is perfect. 100% organic; with disposable bags and boxes, with breathable storage bag. reuse as many times as you want, and reduce the amount of waste which ends the pollution of the environment Design of easy recovery; with a transparent window, you do not need to go through of piles before you find what you are looking for. Save time, just Peep through the window and see if the bag to open. Long lasting; The resistant material has overcome repeated sliding closet with shelves. In addition, the strong closure ensures total security for your clothes during long periods of storage.


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